Ready for Respite.

This old girl is ready for a vacation. Without going into every exacerbating detail, work yesterday was simply exhausting, we sold a record amount of food, and I was on my feet at least 14 out of the 16 hours of my day.
The bar business is a blast, don’t get me wrong, but some Saturday mornings I wake up and don’t know how I’m going to physically get through another day. Weekends obviously are our time to shine, make money, and throw amazing parties, but I will admit sometimes the motto “fake it til you make it” is my mantra, and I just have to diesel tank my ass through the longest days.

In February, when our intern went back to school, we made the idiotic executive decision to not fill his kitchen manager position immediately. The rationale was we could save some money by doing it ourselves as we had in the past, get caught up on some bills, and hold off on training someone that wouldn’t be a perfect fit. Though the extra finances have been nice, I am pretty run down at the moment. When we made this decision, we hadn’t taken into account that our business has grown exponentially in the past 3 years, we now have our own house to take care of, and my father in law (who holds down the morning shift) was going to be out at least a month for surgery. In hind site, we bit off a little more than we should have, but we always do, and that’s why our business thrives and moves forward every day.

I get all my college helpers back starting next weekend, which means party time!! I can start working on aspects of my business that I love including menu development, customer service, advertising, and I will also have more time off than a half day every 3 months or so. This makes me so pumped but I am surely counting down the days at the moment.

Some cool stuff happened this week at the bar – we were mentioned in North Hills Monthly, which is really exciting for me, because I’m originally from the Pittsburgh area so getting a little love from there makes me proud that my bar isn’t just good for my town, but good in general!


I decided to feature weekend specials based on stuff I like to eat, and it went over better than I anticipated:

sweet and spicy salmon – I can’t get enough of this lately!

Even through chaotic times at work, and less than ideal training circumstances, I definitely make staying on a healthy path a main priority. Eating mindfully has kept my immune system from tanking, taking the time to take care of my body has given me an outlet for my anxiety as well as something to look forward to. I cannot stress enough how much making a healthy lifestyle second nature has improved every aspect of my life. I know if I was eating like crap, drinking regularly, and being sedentary in all my down time, I would not be able to give my business the attention it deserves, lead my staff to excel at their jobs, or respect myself enough to confidently weather anything the restaurant business has to throw at me.

That’s why for my training today I did something nice for myself. After a long day on your feet, the morning after aches and pains can translate into a really shitty day. I treated myself to an hour of gentle yoga, and I definitely have no regrets about it, because I’m definitely good to tackle whatever happens between now and 5am.

I am going to live vicariously through you all today, because my time will be spent at work, so tell me something fun you’re getting into if you so desire. Happy Saturday!