The Next Hundred Days

Today is an exciting one for me in that I’m making a “bold” decision that will greatly improve my life. Tonight marks my “hundred day hiatus” from social media. For the next 3 months of my life I am recklessly abandoning my blog, Facebook, and twitter in favor of a simpler and ideally more satisfying lifestyle.
Have you ever woken up from a seemingly long run of days to realize you are just going through the motions instead of actually enjoying how incredible your own personal world is? My constant connection to social media has put me in a state of such consternation with everyone else’s lives that I feel like I’m pulling away from my own realities. While it’s nice to put your own issues on the back burner and peek into someone else’s train wreck, or connect with others who have similar interests that you might not otherwise meet in your daily life, I feel as though these acts of escapism are holding me back from living my own life.
Blog stats, twitter followers, ambassador acceptances – these are all flattering, but so is knowing I have people in my life who choose to be there no matter what I’m going through. I think about summers past, way back in the day before even AIM or ICQ, and how much fun it was to just “hang out.” Play, read, bike, camp, write in a journal just for the hell of it – actually allow yourself the opportunity to “be bored” – I want to reclaim that aspect of my life this summer (besides my obvious adult obligations, and training! And racing!)
So while I am absolutely not knocking anyone’s involvement in the blogging community, nor am I regretting or rescinding any of the wonderful things that have come from my participation (namely the amazing friendships!) this is my summer swan song. I need to live my own life in real time, do everything I can get my hands on without that little switch in my mind flipping and saying “I need to blog about this!” or “this should be tweeted.” I want simplicity, doing things for their inherent enjoyment, not their anticipated outcome. I need to work on my “real life human interaction” – I cannot shake this guilt of incessantly taking time away from my fiancé, my family, and friends to try and grow and captivate an online network.
That’s about as much as I want to divulge about this decision at the moment. Maybe a hundred days from now I will be right back where I am today, or maybe I will find the contentment I am seeking with the resources that are right in front of my face.
I’m not going into hiding. Obviously if you have my phone number you can call me or text me. Email is fair game too as I need to use it for work. I like handwritten letters, and you can probably expect a few from me too, because I genuinely care about all of you who have entered my world and stayed there. Plus I’m still dying to know about everyone’s triumphs to come in the next few weeks (ahem, Tammy), and don’t think I’m backing out of Mudder either (you’re not off the hook just yet ladies! 🙂 )
Just know that this is not you guys, it’s all me (we aren’t breaking up, I swear!), and my desire to expand my organic, tangible everyday world. To start thinking in terms of ideas and feelings and not just pounds and calories. So I go forth blissfully into my summer of social media silence, and I can’t wait to see what comes from it. Keep in touch – don’t forget about me – I know my life will never be the same since knowing all of you!



2 thoughts on “The Next Hundred Days

  1. FANTASTIC! I unplugged completely for 2 weeks and it was eye-opening in terms of how obsessed I had become with social medial and LIBERATING it was to be free of it. All the best. But I’ll miss ya!

  2. I was just thinking how I hadn’t seen anything from you in a while and came visiting.
    And I was thinking the same thing today. Not 100 days, but a week was my goal.
    I will still blog and share to facebook and twitter, but not BE on it.

    Going to start on Monday.

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