Slogging Through the Sunbeams

I woke up this morning with a bad case of the “I don’t give a (damns, craps, whatever, use your imagination, the more colorful the better!)”
I know it’s hard to believe judging by my super consistent blogging tendencies, my sporadic tweets about eating body wash, and the fact that my personal Facebook typically consists of recipes my mother thinks I should try (cake batter fudge, anyone?) – but some days I have to do a little digging to get my ass moving.
If it wasn’t for the gorgeous weather today, though – I can’t optimistically say I would have been as motivated, but biscuit brain wanted to go lay outside:


So I thought I might as well join her.

I started off in the basement gym with some deload week deadlifts and overhead presses, plus a little accessory work, of course I got all pumped up and energized because lifting is just plain fun, and moved outside for a little circuit training.

cannot wait for the trees to fill in so I can be even more reclusive and pretend my neighbors don’t exist.

Bethany inspired today’s circuit with her Mudder training recap on Facebook the other day. I did something similar this morning. The basic template is – run a short distance (quickly), do some strength building moves, then run a short distance quickly. This is excellent conditioning for our upcoming race, but also a good way to work your body at a wide variety of heart rates and from all different angles. Here’s the actual workout I did:


I went through the strength training portion twice, and capped it with a half mile at the end (so technically I only ran 1.5 miles total if that makes it less confusing.) I didn’t time the workout as a whole, but my 1/2 mile splits were 4’10, 4’45, 4’21 (ish).

I would love to say that post workout today I felt happier, better, and more motivated, but that would be a lie. But I do feel better in knowing I accomplished something at least. And when you force yourself to train when you don’t feel like it (obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re actually injured, in dire need of a rest day, or sick), it tends to trickle down to other areas of your health. For example, since I trained today, I am more apt to be mindful of my nutrition instead of just saying, “fuck it, I didn’t work out, so I might as well just keep the downhill vibe rolling.” Not every day is going to be full of your finest moments, and not every work out is going to inspire you. That’s why having a meticulous training plan attached to tangible goals is so crucial in my opinion to moving forward every day, even when one feels a little bit off.

I like the quote “I really regret doing that workout… Said nobody ever,” but this was one of those crabby days where although I don’t “regret” working out, I also just feel apathetic about the whole ordeal.

I remind myself that tomorrow will be better, get pumped up for the training I “get” to do, and stay thankful for the fact that I actually am capable of doing anything. Then I move on with my life.

Ever find yourself having a funky day? How do you pull through?


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