Out of Hibernation

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last checked in. As much as I love the blogging community, the wonderful friendships I’ve formed, and the outlet for my fitness related musings, I am eternally heinous at committing to any semblance of a writing calendar. The fact of the matter is – these past few weeks have been a blast on the training front, chaotic on the work front, and any fun “me time” I’ve had leftover I have been trying to spring clean my house, study for my ISSA, and spend some qt with my fiancé outside of a work setting. All in all, I get my summer help back at the bar starting next Sunday, which means until then it’s work, train, eat, sleep (in any order that I can fathom.)

In the upcoming months, I’m going to use my blog mainly as a sounding board for my daily workouts and training schedules. It’s easier for me to pop in and write posts like this than it is to try and find fresh features every day. Plus, I do this whole blogging thing for selfish reasons – I like to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come, and hopefully summer 2013 is going to be so epic that I will cherish these little updates looking back.

This week is my deload week on 5/3/1, meaning lighter lifts. I remain completely infatuated with 5/3/1 no matter what my training focus is, and I love the flexibility it allows. Yesterday I did my deload squats and bench presses, along with some accessory work, and then set off to do some hill sprints:

This obviously is not the hill I sprinted. This flat part however is the top of the hill that I actually sprinted. That beast is on the agenda in the future though.
I ran about 1/2 mile to said hill, sprinted up and jogged down 5 times (with a minute or two break at the bottom) and then jogged the 1/2 mile back as a cool down. Definitely kicked my ass, and I definitely need to start doing this more regularly.

Today is “active recovery day” – I did a restorative yoga video and some core work. I have seriously neglected my flexibility for a long time, and it’s reflecting in my squats. Yoga has actually become a regular part of my training program lately not only because on days after a hard workout it helps to get blood flowing to all your body parts, but increased flexibility within reason improves your performance in any athletic arena. Also, taking an hour to do something serene and calming before a chaotic workday helps me go in with a better overall attitude. And if you’ve had to work with me lately, I assure you that’s a good thing.

My first 5k in over 10 years is coming up in less than a month. I guess I need to come clean with everyone here real quick – I actually really love running. I like being outside, I like being alone in the woods, I like seeing improvement every day in my abilities. I generally have only been trail running, with a road run sprinkled in for timing and pacing purposes once a week or so. My base as a lifter has made me a tank – I love that I can conquer so much distance and technical terrain without much experience as of late. If you are a runner and have any doubt that lifting will hurt your performance – come chase me through the woods. Seriously.
I love how heavy lifting makes you better at everything. Not just picking up heavy stuff, but it conditions your body to do so much more. I never doubted it for a minute, but since I’ve been exploring other athletic endeavors, it has proven itself tenfold.
My motive behind this 5k is to actually get used to racing procedures before I take on some more serious and less local events. Also I like to scope out new parks and stuff that I could potentially train in. Plus as a future personal trainer, it’s good to get out in the community and show your athletic prowess. Plus Aaron bet me a pair of Tiffany’s sunglasses I can’t run it sub 30. (Don’t judge. Though I am essentially a cheapskate, if it comes in a little blue box and I don’t have to pay for it, I’m all over it.) At the moment I am having doubts of this sub 30 – but I’m just putting that thought out there so it can marinade in my brain for the next 25 days.

Ok ramble time is over! I hope everything is well in all your worlds, and I promise to make my way over to your blogs soon and catch up! Until then, have fun with your training, and treat your body kindly!


4 thoughts on “Out of Hibernation

  1. I find it difficult to keep blogging when I am under a lot of stress or having personal problems, because then it becomes just a sounding board for my issues rather than an account of fitness achievements (which become less and less when I have difficulties in my life) not saying that’s what is happening with you, but that’s my struggle!

    • Oh I totally hear you. I definitely try to save that stuff for my private journal because you never really know who will stumble across it and be offended or concerned. I have been a big bag of stress lately, but also a boring habitual person – taking time off of blogging helps me use all my resources to get through times like this!

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