Spring Fling Shakeup

I know I spent the last month lamenting over the end of cross country ski season, but now that the temperatures have started to thaw my icy heart, I can say with confidence, I’m ready to tackle spring.

The upcoming months are proving to be exciting ones, and I’m definitely reaching outside my athletic comfort zone with a handful of obstacle races, mud runs, and a duathlon to look forward to.

Trying to fashion a structured training program around my many flippant goals was an adventure in itself, but I was really looking for an excuse to buy some glitter gel pens anyway, so it was all good.


I have kind of tormented over sharing this stuff with you guys, only because I typically take a stance that is more pro lifting and less cardio, and I 100% still do. If you are just trying to get in shape or lose weight, that in my humble opinion, along with a tight diet is the optimum way to go about it. I’m torn between saying something along the lines of “do as I say, not as I do,” and “oh, fuck it, you’re all the conductors of your own personal train wrecks.” You have to train for your current goals.

The fact of the matter at hand is – I need to be outside when the weather is nice, I like to eat a lot of food, I like “free” t-shirts, and if it means I can get out of and or show up late for work every once in awhile, I will run, climb, bike and crawl my big ass all over the tri-state area.

All day yesterday, I blocked out my next 6 weeks of training for my upcoming adventures, after Bethany, who is doing Tough Mudder with me, told me about hers. My first concern, which should be anyone’s was avoiding injury. I made sure one day a week was blocked off for rest, and I made sure another day of the week was super easy and short. I also left room for stretching and yoga on a regular basis.

This is what old glitter pen and I came up with.

My next biggest concern was retaining a solid strength training program. Although the allure of blazing through trails in the woods on a beautiful summer afternoon and trying new physical feats that test my mental and athletic competence are calling my name right now, I want to be ready to compete in powerlifting by December. I also wore fat pants all winter so I could build some muscle. I’m not wasting that effort just to play in the mud. I stuck to my 5/3/1 program but tweaked the assistance work to include some more heavy, strength building moves as opposed to the more hypertrophy focused boring but big program I was following before.

It’s a pretty well known fact that I’m not a skilled runner. So obviously, I need to run a few times a week to build that skill set a little more. Most of my runs right now are short, with an “interval run” during the week where I run 2 minutes and walk 1 minute.

I also programmed in a few circuit training sessions a week in order to work on explosive strength moves as well as “cardio.” These will be especially beneficial when Mudder rolls around because of the nature of obstacle courses.

Most of my training sessions are kept under an hour, except one day a week when my focus is training for multiple hours in order to get acclimated to being under tension for an extended period of time like long races require. This session is split between various types of training, and is followed by a rest day.

I’m so excited to start this next chapter in my training experience, and I’m pumped to see what my body is capable of outside of just the strictly lifting shell. I’m excited to gain personal experience to apply towards my clients’ training in the future in the realm of not only performance, but nutrition for such activities. Basically, I’m ready to shake things up this spring!

Anybody else training outside the box this summer? How was the transition for you?


7 thoughts on “Spring Fling Shakeup

  1. I’m going to be training outside the box!! One of the things that will be different is when I start getting up into 8-10 miles of running, I’m going to start working on adding in weightlifting/circuit training type of stuff. Stuff that will essentially mimic some of the obstacle courses. Right now though, I just need to get my cardio back–it suffered over the winter. I hope you guys won’t have to carry me.
    Your calendar looks great!! Jam packed full of goodies πŸ™‚

    • Yes! I have the same thing projected for the future, too!
      I love training outside! And outside the box! We will not have to carry you… Trust me, I’m the weakest runner of all of us!!

      • Oh no you are not!! I saw your less than nine minute mile. I don’t think I can cut that. Actually, I’m starting to feel like I’m slower than last year. But, then again, I didn’t really run much over the winter yet, so hopefully by August I will be better off.
        Pretty cool we both have the same idea for training. I would love to come train that way with you one weekend. Maybe when we hit somewhere between 8-10 miles?

      • That sub 9 minute mile was rough! And I was only running 1 mile. Haha.
        It would be so fun if we could train together! I talked to a kid yesterday who was running 14 miles a day with no cross training and he tanked by the 4th mudder obstacle. The guys he did it with were running 1 long run a week and less than 5 miles a few times a week and cross training and they said it was challenging but fun and they made it through. Definitely food for thought! And it makes me feel better about my running abilities πŸ™‚

  2. Ohh man.
    My first 10 week challenge has just finished (photos up soon!) and have just told me trainer I want to up the intensity to reach the next sset of goals which involves gaining muscle and looking amazing.
    So my trainign will be whatever he tells me basically, but at the moment I do cardio every day I’m there (6 days) and then included in those days are chest and tris, back and bis, two leg days and a little ab work every day, with some gm classes like Body Balance and Body attack in there.

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