Weekly Training Update 3/21-3/27

This week was my deload week. 5/3/1 advocates one week per every 4 where you lighten the workload so you can come back the next cycle lifting heavier. Sometimes I forgo these (once in a blue moon when I know my rest and nutrition can support going right into another cycle), sometimes I do jack shit during my deload (Christmas week was aptly timed), this week I was a good girl and balanced some lighter lifting and getting out and doing active things I actually enjoy, and now I’m refreshed and ready to rock my next lifting cycle. I did not however do all the stretching and yoga that I wanted to, and I’m pretty bummed about that. But I did go skiing almost every day, so it was totally worth it.


Thursday: Cross Country skiing trip. We were out for well over an hour, the conditions were pretty icy, and it was hard work. Lots of digging, downhill was even a chore, but it was a blast. I forgot how much I love winter sports, so I’m trying to suck up as much snow time as possible before skiing turns to hiking and trail running.

Friday: Cross country skiing – I went out alone, we got fresh snow the night before so everything was nice and fluffy. I lost track of time and was out for over 2 hours! I have no idea how many miles I did, but I definitely felt this one later in the day. I did my 5/3/1 overhead press day followed up with some 5×10 bench presses with half the weight I normally use.

Saturday: Rest Day!

Sunday: Cross Country for speed for about 30 minutes. Deload week deadlifts. 5×10 squats with just the bar. 2 Rounds of ZWOD #2 and then realized I was late for work.

Monday: Deload week bench presses. Light overhead presses. 30 Minute Circuit Training via Sworkit.

Tuesday: deload week squats, plyo circuits, stretching.

Wednesday: Last ski trip of the year – it was a LONG one. I’m feeling pretty banged up today (Thursday). It was definitely worth it though.

Today I start a new cycle of 5/3/1 Boring But Big. This week’s focus is “adjusting” – for some reason, the first week of a cycle is always mentally the toughest for me. I up the weight on my 5×10 sets, assistance work, and the sets of my big lifts also drain me. I also really need to work on my flexibility. It’s becoming a nagging issue that needs fixed.

How was everybody else’s training week? Ups and downs? Feel free to share links!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Training Update 3/21-3/27

  1. This was my recovery week as well. I hated/loved it all at once. I would love to just power through and keep making gains, but I am more worried that I would just end up hurting myself and be on the disabled list. 2 hours of cross-country skiing?! My legs would have fallen off. I always thought that c.c. would be easier than downhill until I tried it and was in pain for almost a week after. Good on you, doll! Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I definitely love having a recovery week programmed in or I would never take one. Even though I’m never really “hurting” I like the slow and steady gains 🙂 You have been a workout tank lately! I’m really inspired by you!

  2. I’ve been KILLING myself this week. My body is in so much pain today. Been shaking things up with more plyo thrown into my heavy lifting circuits, so there’s not a single muscle that isn’t getting attention. Tried some new(ish) ab stuff yesterday that even made my core sore for the first time in a while. Gonna post about it later 🙂

    Nice looking workouts pretty lady. Keep up the good work!

  3. Recovery week? What’s that? 😉
    Crossfit has changed my mentality in so many ways.. I never imagined doing 5 workouts a week and here I am, rocking hard everyday. It’s exhausting, but awesome.
    So nice that you got to get outdoors and get your fitness on! As much as I’m so over the snow, it sounds like it was a blast!

    • IDK, Jen. Dropping a bar on your head might be a sign from God that you need a deload week. 😉 I’m there myself. After 2-3 weeks of PR’s right and left, I crashed. Instead of my brain scheduling the deload, my body did. That’s the beauty of those lifting programs like the 5/3/1. On the plus side, as I was rolling off the massage table last night, Diana made me stop and show her my arms. Apparently, the guns are loaded. Yay!

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