Back Country Ski adventure

This week has finally allowed me the opportunity to get out on the trails and do some cross country skiing. I know you’re all rolling your eyes and threatening to choke slam groundhogs at this point in the season, but I’m all about making lemonade out of snow right now, or whatever other optimistic catchphrase is appropriate in this circumstance.

I haven’t allowed myself the opportunity to have “hobbies” in the past few years. My life has been centered around my business, and more recently my lifting… Basically I’ve allocated all my spare time to other endeavors (which are fun and rewarding in my opinion,) but every once in awhile it’s nice to take some time out and just glide.

Or fall 5 times (or 6, but who’s counting?)

For those seasoned cross country skiers out there – you know there’s nothing more fun than a backwoods trail romp. I’m not talking about pristine maintained ski resort trails… I’m talking about the woods, or in my case miles and miles of ATV trails behind my house that are virgin to a set of skis.

Yesterday we embarked on a mission to pop woodland cherries and hopefully not break any bones in the process. And it was an absolute blast.


The conditions were icier than preferred, I soon realized that I am not as good of a skier than I used to be, but I let my partner blaze ahead a little bit, and aside from a couple minor spills, I definitely had a really great time. We put in about 5 miles yesterday, and I plan on hitting the trails every day for the next week (at least the current weather predictions look like that’s the case!)

Cross Country skiing is definitely a decent “work out” – I got pretty sweaty and probably torched a fair amount of calories, but it’s definitely much more than that. Playing outside is good for the soul! Doing something risky helps keep me young. Going new places and seeing new things is inspirational. I’m totally cool with a few more weeks of winter as long as there’s snow on the ground and skis on my feet.

If you’ve never cross country skied before but want to try it, I encourage you to. It’s not rocket science, and you may find the movement a little unnatural (I know in my case, focusing on hinging at the knees as opposed to at the hips as I do when I lift was a little rough at first), but I’m a firm believer that anyone can do it with very little practice. My advice? Invest in snow pants is #1. You’re going to fall, and the extra cushion is nice. Make sure you know how to stop. Make sure you know how to use the edges of your skis to get up hills. The rest is minor details.

Anybody else taking advantage of this last burst of winter to participate in some winter sports? Who loves cc skiing as much as I do?


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