Weekly Training Update 3/14-3/20

Just a brief check in to recap what I got myself into this week, and continue to use you all as my crux of accountability. This week is my heavy “1” week of 5/3/1. I was going to use it as an excuse to test out all my new 1 rep maxes, but scrapped that idea after I went home with my tail between my legs Thursday. Long story short – I spent a lot of last year program hopping, and definitely delayed some gains as a result. Now that I’ve been on one consistently for over 5 months now, and I know it’s working, I don’t need to put my body through 1RM testing to feel good about my progress. I just need to forge ahead and keep making good decisions in the meanwhile.
So while my focus was supposed to be “pushing my maxes,” and I did essentially push it pretty hard this week, I regret to inform you I won’t be throwing out my new 1RMs for everyone to see. Maybe I will test them in the future, but for now, I’m happy with being patient.


Thursday: Heavy Overhead Presses (I’m stuck at 80. I can do multiple reps at 80, but 85 goes as high as my nose and then I’m over it. This makes me MAD.) 5×10 Bench Presses. Chin Ups (mix of real ones and jumping ones). Bicep curls with back against the wall. 5×10 Push Presses at 85 (just to prove a point to myself). Tabata burpees. Tabata kettle bell swings. This is the kind of workout where I go into the gym with a plan, not everything goes as planned, and it’s all downhill from there. Hot mess express.

Friday: 20 Minutes of Plyometric training – definitely easy to make this stuff harder as you progress. I like that!

Saturday: Long work day = rest day.

Sunday: Heavy Deadlifts. Smashed the shit out of my shins warming up. Brilliant. 5×10 squats at 110. These do not get easier as time goes by. Abs in between squats. 45 Minute HIIT circuit via Nike Training (Adrenaline Hit).

Monday: Heavy Bench Presses. Decided to push it a little and had to dump weight and do a little roll of shame, but other than a gnarly stomach bruise, I’m ok! And happy with how much weight I can push before that happened. 5×10 overhead presses. Did ZWOW #1 for cardio. It was actually fun. I didn’t time it or follow the video, just did the routine 3 times through. Running outside hasn’t been an option this week, so I’ve had to get creative.

Tuesday: Work has been beating me up this week, along with lifting heavy ass weights, so I took a rest day.

Wednesday: Heavy Squats (squats were actually really solid today. I PRed but didn’t push it much further) 5×10 deadlifts. Abs. I did ZWOD #1 again for fun (and because I was crunched for time.) I like that it’s all bodyweight HIIT with burpees in between strength moves. I did the pistols assisted because my mobility sucks on those bad boys, but I made awesome time otherwise:

sorry boyz, this hot mess is taken.

Aside from bruising my ego one day, my shins another, and my stomach on Monday, I am actually feel really good about this week. I pushed some heavy ass weight, I did just enough cardio to keep working towards my Mudder goals without sacrificing my strength goals, and I definitely earned my deload week starting tomorrow.

Next week’s training focus is unwinding and decompressing. It’s a scheduled deload week so I won’t be lifting as heavy, and I’m going to do a lot more stretching and mobility work than I have been doing lately because I am definitely noticing some flexibility issues cropping up here and there. I also get to cross country ski (yay finally!) and I am totally ok with soaking up the last little shred of winter, and that will be my replacement “running” this week. So just a chill, laid back, do it for fun kind of week coming up.

Anybody do anything awesome this week? PRS? How about Zwow? Love it or hate it?

This is the last day to enter my Ripped Cream contest by the way, so make sure you do so if you haven’t already!!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Training Update 3/14-3/20

  1. I am in week two of stage one of NROLFW and I am seeing that I can actually lift heavier than I thought – it’s by no means easy or where you are (not even close!) but I am really enjoying the strength training in addition to my running.

  2. That’s an awesome week, Martha. I trainwrecked myself a tad bit this week by not getting enough sleep along with some other forms of disorganization that cause my workouts to suffer. Oh well! Live & learn. Next week will be badass.

    • Next week will be so bad ass. You got this! It’s funny how being disorganized trickles down like that – I have weeks that go by where all I do is eat and try to catch up. Such is the life of busy broads like us!

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