My Beer Pick for March – Magic Hat Pistil

One of the perks of being a bar owner is definitely the free samples provided by beer and food reps. Not a week goes by where I’m not inundated with some sort of wildly expensive and extravagant cheesecake, or the newest wine cooler concoction.
Although I pass along most of these things to the rest of my staff for the sake of my waistline and sobriety, I’m not one to say that every once in awhile it’s a bad idea to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, the dandelions.
I am a big fan of craft beer – I love the complex nature of the different ingredients that go into producing a unique flavor experience. As a chef, I appreciate subtle hints of herbs and spices, and when I try a new beer that I really enjoy, my mind automatically goes into overdrive trying to figure out the best possible food pairing for said brew. When I do drink, I would rather have one or two really amazing beers than a six pack of some crappy watered down “lite” variation.
This month at the bar, we are featuring Magic Hat Pistil on tap. Brewed with dandelion petals, it is my pick for springing into spring.


It’s hoppy, yet refreshing… Simple, but satisfying, and it lends well to a giant mess of greens smothered in warm bacon dressing or a mason jar and a lawn chair.
It is my pick for March because it’s only available through March 31st, so make sure you hit up your local watering hole or beer distributor before then.

All my craft beer aficionados – what’s on tap for you this month? Want to start a link up in the upcoming months where we post our faves? Anybody else loving the Pistil as much as I? Discuss!


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