My Week In Workouts 3/7-3/13

I’m definitely not a Monday through Friday kind of broad. Weekends in the restaurant business are my time to shine, haul ass, and basically kiss any ideas of a normal sleep schedule goodbye. But paying my bills and not being homeless is pretty neat, so I will take it. I start my “training weeks” on a Thursday, because technically Thursday is kind of my Monday, or something to that effect.

Although I don’t condone taking someone else’s training plan and following it to a t, here is what I got into last week.


This week was my first official week of Tough Mudder Training (although I’ve been dabbling for a few weeks now, it just got really real). It was also my first week in my newly relocated home gym, and I started working with my new squat rack as well. So, this week was all about acclimating to a new plan, new schedule, and new equipment. Overall, it went really well. I’m enjoying training at home, and I really like the new things I’ve been trying.

It was “3” week of my 5/3/1 plan, so the weights were heavier than last week, but reps were lower.

Thursday: Heavy Overhead Presses (I hit a new rep PR with 3×80!), high rep bench presses (5 sets of 10 at 65), followed by circuit training cardio via Nike Training Ap (I did the Tower of Power.)

Friday: Forced rest day. Work was intense, and also very long.

Saturday: Plyometric Work – for about 20 minutes I jumped on, over, and around things. This is a fast way to get in cardio and also work on the muscle fibers you try and recruit in the “explosive” portion of a lift. This was my first time since my high school track days dedicating a workout exclusively to this, and I really hated it felt amazing afterwards.

Sunday: Heavy Deadlifts and high rep squats (5 sets of 10 at 110) – deadlifts are fun, the squats were demeaning to say the least. Abs. Stretching/yoga with a focus on hip opening sequences and basic inversions (because they are fun and I want to be able to do them).

Monday: am 2 mile “fun run” (untimed)
PM: Heavy Bench Presses (I’m in the triple digits now! Finally!) and high rep overhead presses. Superset the OHP with Plyometric drills in between (power skips, lateral jumps, tuck jumps, plyo push ups)

Tuesday: Tough Mudder Cardio circuits (about 45 minutes)

Wednesday: Heavy Squats, high rep deadlifts (5×10 at 135) Superset abs in between deadlifts. Walked 2 miles to cool down, and because I didn’t feel like running.

Overall this week’s “transitions” went really well. I am loving having my gym at home, and I am really loving training in the morning. I definitely have a lot more energy throughout the day, and training “fasted” is legit. It also helps me keep my nutrition in check for the rest of the day. My awesome Rogue squat rack is perfect, but I have a feeling my squats are about to stall out. I think once I can push past the mental block I have at 175, things will start kicking again, but that will have to wait until next week. I am however loving my bench press as of late, and what was once my trickiest lift is now becoming my strongest thanks to working out my crappy form.

On deck for next week is 5/3/1 week where I will hopefully be PRing in my overhead presses and benches (and maybe squats if I can get out of this mental funk) – I’ve been building up to this week for the past 5 months, so I’m excited to let it rip. My “focus” this week is pushing the limit with a concentration on strength, I want to test out all my 1 rep maxes (which I haven’t done since October), so I can reevaluate my training for the upcoming months following a deload week.

How was everyone else’s training this week? Any highlights? What did you focus on?


2 thoughts on “My Week In Workouts 3/7-3/13

  1. Love the new blog name; not sure if I said that already. I’m so excited to read about your lifts and they make me super jealous sometimes.. Crossfit is awesome, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, but I miss the consistent strength gains I was making on Stronglifts. Noticeable weekly increases.. where now, I’m lucky if I deadlift once a week. 😦

    I’m considering Wendler’s 5/3/1.. once I finish this ISSA business.. then it’s back to having fun! How’s your training going?

    • I’m glad you like the title – I’m tying up odds and ends and getting ready to self host here shortly, so I’m pretty pumped.
      Training in general is going great. Definitely need to get my butt in gear on the ISSA front – my CPR class is the first week in April.
      You will really like 5/3/1 – I will tell you it’s a “slower paced” program in that you don’t PR on your 1RM even monthly, but the rep maxes of all your lifts go up, and when you do finally blow past your 1RM it’s awesome because you are a lot further ahead than you thought. Haven’t really stalled or deloaded any lifts yet except probably my OHP going into next month, because I’m stuck, but if I look at it on a yearly progress level, I’m satisfied with how far I got. It’s definitely worth looking into!

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