Make-ahead quinoa… My faux pas(ta) salad

Post workout for me is a time when I can’t be left to my own decision making devices. After an intense lifting session, my mind is often times not completely clear, and in this brief window where I could potentially eat for growth and recovery, I also could easily talk myself into loaded nachos or deep fried pickles.
In order to keep out of the crap, most of you already know that prepping food in advance is clutch. I always prep some sort of protein in big batches early on in the week, and as I’ve more recently started integrating carbs back into my diet, I also try to do a healthy side dish ahead of time, too.
This quinoa pasta salad is an awesome make-ahead dish. Reminiscent of the Italian dressing laden noodley goodness that I fall face first into at any given opportunity, fresh veggies, feta cheese, and lots of dried herbs make this ancient seed (which is gluten free!) pop. Today I want to share with you my post workout gem (and also a dish that is great for pot lucks and picnics):


All you need is quinoa (the blend I use is from a company called Rykoff-Sexton – they do stuff for food service), cherry tomatoes, banana pepper rings, diced onions, olive oil, vinegar (I use apple cider), Italian seasoning, and feta cheese.

Prepare you quinoa in advance, then rinse and place in the fridge to cool while you chop your veggies. When you’re through, add your veggies, Italian seasoning (go heavy), a splash of oil, and a liberal shot of vinegar.


Pop it back in the fridge, and when you’re ready to serve it, sprinkle it with some feta for a flavorful kick.

This recipe lends well to grilled chicken breasts, or basically any other protein. It’s like a post workout picnic for one.

It also leaves a lot of room for alterations – add whatever veggies, types of vinegar, or seasonings you have handy. What are some of your favorite quinoa recipes? How about post workout goodies in general?


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