Monday Funday — Menu Mapping and Musings

There’s something to be said about waking up extra early on Monday mornings. Namely, I have to jump out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off before I realize there is such thing as a snooze function and that my coffee unfortunately doesn’t make itself.

(Four hours later, I’m coherent enough to figure out how to do a screen shot.

Every Monday for the next 3 months, it’s my responsibility to come down and open the restaurant for breakfast. My father in law typically works the morning shift, but he’s out for surgery right now, and I like to give the rest of my morning staff a day off. As a small business owner, sometimes you have to sacrifice your circadian rhythms for the greater good. Although I try to go to bed at a reasonable time on Sunday nights it’s fairly impossible after 4 days straight of working until 4:30 am. So Monday mornings for me entail yoga pants, no make up, and the voice in the back of my head reminding me that nap time is sooner than I think.

I unlock, get the coffee flowing, do a little kitchen prep, tend to bills and clerical work that I would otherwise have to do in the afternoon – it’s fairly uneventful. I do have to say I enjoy our Monday morning customers though. Some just come down for a cup of coffee and gossip – it’s like social time for people who don’t drink.

I can typically sneak out around noon when the lunch staff shows up, and by this point in time I’m so hopped up on coffee, the whole nap concept is out of the picture. So starting two weeks ago, I decided that Mondays would be my downtown Monday runday.

I hit the main streets for an easy 2 mile jog. Monday nights are reserved for heavy lifting, so the intent of such isn’t to kill my legs and make record times, but instead to burn off some energy, get some blood flowing to my legs after a rest day, and honestly so that the locals can see that I actually do something other than eat or work. I actually find this run to not be as miserable as one which I take more seriously. Going into it with the “no pressure” attitude makes it feel more like “me time,” and I’ve grown fond of the feeling of increased flexibility from getting my legs moving when it comes time to hit the heavy weights that I love so much later in the evening.

Plus I’m primed for a lovely afternoon snooze when I’m done.

I thought I’d give the whole “what I’m eating this week” thing a test drive. Although I’m a creature of habit and most of my daily meals consist of eggs, grilled chicken, salads, veggies, and protein shakes – here’s what’s on deck for dinner this week.

Monday: Blackened Chicken Breast over black beans and brown rice

Tuesday: Pork and sauerkraut

Wednesday: Venison meatloaf and garlic green beans

Thursday: leftovers!

Friday: Cajun Haddock Cakes with cold quinoa and feta “pasta salad”

Saturday: Stuffed Eggplant

Sunday: free for all… Most likely pancakes because for some reason they are my jam right now.

How about you inspired ladies… Anything fun food wise on deck for this week? Anybody else do physical activities just for the fun of it?


11 thoughts on “Monday Funday — Menu Mapping and Musings

    • Look at my blog today – I threw a yummy quinoa recipe up 🙂
      I too have chicken weeks, a lot of stuff we are having this week I’ve made in bulk and sealed and froze, so it makes for fast food!

  1. Loving that you make use of your extra time by fitting in a fun. I’m so unmotivated in the afternoon, so I am in awe of those who can get it done.

    I have to work at 5:30 am a few days a week (I run a fitness center), but fortunately don’t have to work late on other days. I’m impressed with your energy and dedication.

    • Thanks so much! I’m not going to lie – Mondays are miserable, and when I do finally go to bed for the night I am dead to the world! I would love to be a strictly morning person, but the bar biz definitely isn’t conducive to that!!

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