Weekend Workout – The Pavement Pounder

Cardio and I have started developing a strange relationship as of late.
I used to be quite addicted to it before I started lifting seriously. I was never a runner or anything, but I was content doing workout DVDs for hours on end in the early stages of my fitness journey. I went through a good stretch in the past year of doing basically zero cardio, and although it suited my needs at the time, those needs have begun changing.

First of all, the whole personal training thing has opened my eyes to the fact that my clients’ needs and capabilities don’t always allow for heavy barbell squats and the like. I also started training for some obstacle races recently, in which endurance is going to play a great role in my success. Third of all, my current lifting program requires some high rep sets mixed in with my heavy low rep sets, and I have to say, those were getting really hard until I started working a little on my cardiovascular training. Lastly, I kind of enjoy the ear throbbing, sweat drenched, aerobic experience as a whole – and the fact that I get to eat more food… That’s alright in my book.

I do a wide variety of different cardio routines on top of my very solid, very regularly scheduled lifting program. It’s fun to switch things up, and training for different amounts of time help develop the use of different energy pathways in your body so they can function more efficiently.

Today I’m going to share with you a little program I like to do occasionally after a heavy lifting session. It only takes 8 minutes, but it definitely does the trick if you’re looking to get your sweat on and make your legs try to escape your body. Here it is:


Fast feet drills are when you take an athletic stance centering your weight on the balls of your feet and pick up your feet as quickly as possible. You can work your stance in and out as you go, and the lower you sink your body to the ground, the more you recruit your glutes and quads. Bonus points if you’re participating in Jen’s Push Up Challenge… This is a fast way to squeeze a couple in!

I love quick little drills like this because although they get the job done, they don’t hold me back from being able to do the heavy lifting that I love. Plus, who doesn’t have 8 minutes?

Hope your weekend is full of sunshine and sweat. Get on out there and do something that makes you feel good.


13 thoughts on “Weekend Workout – The Pavement Pounder

  1. 5k today. And it reinforced how much I hate running. Ugh.
    I think I’d rather do 100 burpees than run.

    Side note.. I talked to one my new “real life” friends (met her on Twitter) lol.. she’s a Crossfitter, did the whole running thing before. she LOVES Tough Mudder and said the most you run at a time is only like a quarter mile, but all the Crossfit and lifting will help loads with the obstacles.. and she named a few terrifying things.. but it’s making me excited about it again..

    I’m totally considering..

  2. Love love love HIIT. I throw 15 minute HIITs on to my strength training days before I hit the gym. Feels so good and gets my heart rate up for the rest of the day. Awesome. I think it’s great that you are back on the cardio train with your hardcore lifting. You are gonna get so swole!

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