Tough Mudder Pittsburgh…

AKA – I still make interesting decisions in wake of my sobriety.

For those of you don’t know, a large portion of my life is dedicated to my geriatric princess, Layla.

She is 14 years old now, and although she has problems with arthritis (and destroying my carpet on the daily with her addiction to munchie bones), she’s a really healthy girl. Unfortunately, her arthritis is severe enough that every two weeks we go to the vet for laser treatments and adequan injections.
Some good has come out of this, however. Her vet tech, Carly and I get to bullshit for 45 minutes, while my dog thinks she’s at the spa. Carly is really into fitness as well, and although she’s mostly a runner, from recovery to diet, we always have something to talk about.

A few weeks ago Carly asked me if I have ever heard of the Tough Mudder. I have been dreaming of doing one for years now, and even back in the day when my workouts revolved around Pilates and power walking, I definitely would have dropped everything and started training if I had a serious team that wanted to do it.

For those of you who don’t know, Tough Mudder is a 12 mile obstacle race. Notorious for its beastly nature and portions of it consisting of live electricity and walking through fire, it’s basically the boss of all mud races.


I was SO PUMPED she was interested. And now I’m SO EXCITED to light myself on fire and climb up giant things.

So as of now, Carly, myself and a handful of others are slated to do Tough Mudder Pittsburgh this August. We are nice people and if you want to do this race but can’t find a team, I openly invite you to join us (as long as you plan on actually training so I don’t have to drag your ass around.)

I’m sure this is a burning thought on all of your minds…
But Martha! You hate running!

I’ve also entertained that idea myself. But here’s my stance…

I love food more than I hate running.

Also, I won’t be really working on any long distances until May at the earliest. Right now, I’m still sticking with my Big Boring lifting program, which still manages to rock my body and soul, and I’ve added some circuit training and yes even running to my regime, but I’ve found with lots of extra calories, properly timed nutrition, adequate rest, and appropriate supplementation including BCAAs, creatine, fish oil, and multivitamins – I am flying high. Aches and pains still exist on occasion (heavy squats have a tendency to do that,) but nothing a good old fashioned sit on my ass rest day can’t fix right up. There will be deload weeks, there will be moments of less than enthusiastic training, but for now – I got this.

So readers, have any of you partook in or are planning on doing Mudder this summer? Any words of advice? I’m open to anything at this point!


10 thoughts on “Tough Mudder Pittsburgh…

    • I don’t know about all that 🙂 Especially being addicted to running haha. Lifting will always be my main thing, but realizing that I don’t have to exclusively do that to reach my goals has been a fun adventure.
      Come to Pittsburgh and do mudder with us!! Or maybe next year.
      And the food thing… Gotta love that… Any excuse to get extra calories in my life is cool in my book!!

  1. If I didn’t have a torn rotator cuff, I would LOVE to do this with you! There is just too much hanging for my poor shoulder. 😦
    If you end up in the city during your visit, let me know if you want to meet up for a quick ‘hey.’

    • I would love to have you on our team, but you’re right – it seems every obstacle involves hanging or climbing to a degree. I come back to the city about 4x a year, we will definitely have to plan a meet up at some point!! Yay!

  2. Why did I think this was in June?
    But that’s ok, cause now I have longer to train. Do you have a training program you are going to do?
    Anyway, I have some questions:
    When we sign up, do we have to say that we are with your team and if so, what is the team name?
    Are you signed up yet? I haven’t yet run this one by the hubby and I need to make sure our schedules are conducive for my doing this, so I haven’t signed up yet.
    I have a friend here who is also crazy enough to do this and she is interested. If so, can she be on our team?

    • I’m so glad you’re interested!!!
      As far as the training goes, I am still doing my lifting program, plus I am doing the mudder training circuits that are on the main website (or some other form of circuit training) 3 times a week. I am also running 2x a week – right now I’m doing 2 miles at a time, and every 3 weeks bumping it up a mile (You are a much better runner than I am, and I have no experience whatsoever so I thought this would be the route for me to take to work on endurance plus the skill of running itself… I open myself up to any suggestion in that department!!) Though the race is 12 miles give or take, people I have talked to said that generally the longest distance you run between obstacles is less than 3k.
      I will talk to Carly tomorrow about our team name, and the more the merrier!!! If your husband wants to do it too by all means! If we sign up by march 31 there is a discount, but you can basically sign up right up until the race itself – it just gets more expensive every month. OMG I’m so excited you want to do this!!!

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