Moving Day!!

I finally finally caught a break this week. One of my summer employees is on spring break, giving me some much needed time to catch up on super fun stuff like sleeping, taxes, housekeeping, and also tearing it up in our new toy.
February is one of the busiest months of the year at the bar. Our town hosts one of the largest chainsaw carving festivals in the world, and we get to throw an awesome party here for the duration of it. It’s total chaos from the time I wake up until the time I literally pass out, but it’s afforded me some extra jingle, which in turn I dumped into revamping my home gym.

As of yesterday, my gym was in the basement of the bar. When I first started building it, we were living with Aaron’s parents and I had no other option. I thought it was a pretty cool concept for the longest time, it was nice being able to squeeze a lift in on my lunch break, but the more I train, the more I realize how badly my set up kind of sucks.

First of all, when I’m physically at my workplace, I am never really away from it. Any given second someone could need my immediate attention and so it’s hard to focus.

Second of all, I am subjected to pleasant surprises such as this drainage pipe that runs from the keg cooler unleashing a golden shower all over my weight bench:

not while I was using it, thank God. And it has since been fixed. Just one of the perks of owning a building that is a hundred years old and who knows who put that pipe in or when they did it.

Also, magical elves left this right next to my yoga mat awhile back:

Broken glass and cigarette butts! Yippee! I am hardcore, but not that hardcore. (And again, the problem has been dealt with – secret smokey bear no longer works here)

Sometimes I don’t want to wait until late night to train, so having my gym at my house allows me the luxury of being on my own schedule. Also, and this was probably the tipping point, waiting in line for a public restroom on a slam jam Saturday night when you have a gut full of preworkout and intraworkout and post workout fluid in you very much sucks.

So last night I started packing er all up and getting ready for the big move. And now it’s time to say:


I have a brand spanking new squat rack at home that I cannot wait to get set up. I have a crap ton of plates, barbells, a pull up rack/dip station, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and my bench that all need loaded into the truck and then unloaded into their new basement home. So my workout of the day will consist of that. I’m so excited to finally have a space that is really truly mine, and I’m looking forward to its impact on my training. That’s my big fun Sunday, followed by pancakes for dinner, and an early as possible bedtime. Hope you all had wonderful weekends – I am personally glad mine’s over, because this week is going to be amazing!


4 thoughts on “Moving Day!!

    • Thanks, lady!
      The irony is that my bar is a nonsmoking establishment to begin with… So the fact somebody chose my tiny little 5×5 area for their smoking lounge grinds my gears.
      I too am so pumped for the squat rack. Cannot wait til it’s fully assembled!! Thanks for stopping by!

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