The Comfort Conundrum

It’s been approximately a year since I started this blog. I’m pretty thankful for what it’s become, and I’m also thankful for the opportunity it’s given me to grow as an athlete, a writer, and a human being as a whole.

I think a lot of New Year’s Resolutions, albeit well intended, are often times rooted in finding a quick fix for sources of unhappiness in one’s life.

I know when I started my “weight loss journey” I honestly thought that being a certain size would change everything in my world for the better. Although having a body I’m proud of instilled some much needed confidence in me – I can honestly say that the reason why I’m so happy with my life is not because I am thin.


All the trial and error that has lead me here today has been the ride of my life. I discovered my love for lifting, I learned how to fuel my body for health and happiness, and every day I still want to fight for more more more.

When Cassye commented on my post the other day about how I had “found my calling,” in the realm of starting personal training, it made me think about how I found my calling a long time ago.

My calling isn’t a specific career or business. It isn’t as general as being an entrepreneur (which I already am), or finding a job that I love, it is instead taking this mantra and using it as an excuse to live life as adventurously as possible:

I apply this to not only how I run my business, but also to how I approach my fitness.
Instead of setting a goal weight and fixating on that, my goals instead lie in becoming the best me I possibly can.
When my lifting routine gets easy, my diet gets a little loose, and I find myself in a perpetual state of boredom, I admit it’s time to move on and step outside of that comfort zone.
If you still think that you can just lose x amount of weight and then go back to living an unhealthy lifestyle, you’re most likely in for a rude awakening. What I find more often than not, though, is that most people fall head over heels for fitness as soon as they start the wheels turning. They may need a little nudge from an outside source every once in awhile, but for the most part they WANT to continue to be healthy.
That means pushing yourself every day to be a little better than the last, being mentally flexible in allowing new ideas into your life and your kitchen, and digging deeper than you could ever imagine to muster up the strength to move forward.

Don’t sell yourself short by setting the bar too low. You should have moments of panic, terror, confusion, and doubt. In weight loss or anything.
If you think starting my business 3 years ago with two bull headed men was sunshine and rainbows, you are outside of your mind. The whole first year I spent crying myself to sleep, trying to figure out how to quit without losing everything I had.
I then realized that wasn’t an option and instead began to fight for what I wanted. And I still have to fight to this day to ensure its ongoing success.

I’m writing this post today because I need to remind myself of these things every once in awhile. Being on a bulk is driving me up a wall, and although I have less than 3 weeks left, it’s a daily dig to keep from going bonkers and undoing all the hard work I’ve accomplished so far.
Being on a cut is going to be equally as challenging.
But the journey is sweet, the rewards along the way coming in the form of pride for my accomplishments, positive changes in my life, and a slew of awesome people to support me is worth that daily battle.
The darkest times in my life were those when I didn’t have anything to fight for. I was just existing and I couldn’t have been more depressed.
I wouldn’t trade all the DOMS, failed reps, and caloric restriction for the world… Being comfortable is overrated.


8 thoughts on “The Comfort Conundrum

  1. Very inspirational post, Martha! I haven’t been keeping up on blog reading lately (pregnancy and toddler are sucking up my brain space) but I’m so glad I took a minute to read this! I hate the feeling of spinning my tires and, after being a SAHM or over 2 years now, I feel that way. Thank you for reminding me to get my head out of my ass and DO something about it!

      • Well, thank you! Due the end of March, 2.5 months! It is going smoothly, thank goodness. I need to blog about it more, time is just limited with an energetic toddler. Life is good, just busy and on a time crunch! I’m so ready to get back outside ad hit the pavement. I need running back in my life!

  2. Dammit.
    I posted a lovely comment this morning about how you’ve inspired me to do my best.
    And then I thought I’d check to see if you’d written back, because in my Body Balance class, my trainer said “That pain you feel? That’s your weakness disappearing.” and I thought you’d like that.
    But my comment didn’t go through and now all I can think about is asking you what I should do about a bruised tailbone because I have a bony bum and have been doing lots of situps. :/

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