Sunday funday – the lumberjack edition

This weather is downright glorious. I mean, if I could move somewhere where it was pretty fall year round – I would in a heartbeat.
Temperature in the low 70s, a dreamy little breeze, the perfect day for a lazy stroll in the woods or carving pumpkins outside, or maybe even a field trip to an apple orchard.
After putting 55 hours in at work in the past 3 days, any of that (or even just a 12 hour nap) sounds divine, however, me and the fiancé are not right mentally, so instead we woke up early and started cutting down trees.
When I think of me as a lumberjack I envision cute flannel shirts, Ugg boots, and drinking coffee out of a big ass thermos.
Today was less glam – shit kickers, stained t-shirts and manual fucking labor.

We used chainsaws to chop up some trees that had fallen about 100 yards from the back of our house, loaded it in the wheelbarrel, pushed it up to the house, stacked it all orderly and repeated about 20 times.
I’m half considering postponing deadlift day at this point.
J/k. I am so stoked for deadlift day, but only because in true rustic fashion, I made this delicious slow cooker recipe perfect for a carbalicious kick in the ass.
Butternut and Brown Rice Stew aka, I’m broke and lazy but I like to eat food
This is what you need:

Brown rice, butternut squash, an apple, some onion, and some carrots. You also need chicken stock, cinnamon, sea salt, and cumin.
Peel your squash and apple, slice them up, and throw them in the slow cooker.

Add your other veggies too, and save your squash seeds!

Dump some rice, chicken stock, and your seasonings into the slow cooker and forget about it for about 8 hours:

When it’s finished cooking it ends up being a soft, creamy, delicious consistency and lends well to feta cheese and grilled chicken breast.
You can roast the seeds in the oven on 275 for 15 minutes if you toss them in olive oil, and whatever seasonings you’d like and they are an amazing snack!

Mine isn’t ready yet, but I will tweet pics later. Right now I’m going to nap my face off and get ready for some heavy metal.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


4 thoughts on “Sunday funday – the lumberjack edition

    • That would be so so fun. I would live to have a restaurant out there 🙂
      Ps – if my post seemed weird it was because I’m blogging from my phone and hit publish before I finished typing my recipe 🙂

  1. Sounds super yummy. I myself am going for the super cheat of a store bought rotisserie chicken and some jambalaya with cajun sausage. Yours sounds much more delish though.

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