My main motivation for lifting heavy:

There are a lot of good reasons why you (especially as a chick) should be lifting heavy weight. I don’t think there’s many folks out there who disagree with that statement anymore, and the ones who do are either too lazy to do so, or live under a rock.
I think being in better shape than your peers is a really good motivational factor (oh, I know you should train to be a better version of YOU), but who doesn’t want to be better than everyone around them at any given time?

That’s all well and good, but my main motivation for lifting heavy is pretty straightforward.

I fucking love food.

So much so that if I ever had to restrict my calories down to 1200 a day ever again, I would shank everyone.

“But, you can’t out train a bad diet,” they say. And true that is.
Fortunately for my fellow iron maidens, a bad diet = not eating enough food. 1400 calories at 5’7 doesn’t even allow me to paint my nails inside the lines let alone deadlift twice my bodyweight.

The fact of the matter is, I am very human. So much so that I want to … Dare I say it … Eat “dirty” food more than once a week.

It’s all about finding your personal balance. It’s all about defining that gray area where you work harder so you can eat a little more without dramatic consequence. Where you sacrifice eating everything you want all the time for truly enjoying foods that you love sometimes… When you earn it.
Where a bowl of cereal doesn’t equate a nervous breakdown or an hour on the treadmill. Where you use food albeit clean or dirty as a tool to fuel your body and get it to look and feel like you want it to.
Where you don’t have to obsess 24/7 over everything you put in your fucking mouth.

Lifting Heavy has been the most liberating thing that has ever happened to my “diet”.
Macros are way funner to track than calories. Not having to eat like a supermodel to look like a skinny fat is empowering (does anyone else miss the cigarette and coffee diet as much as I do? Srs j/k I want bacon with my coffee).

Every day I’m motivated by food and what it does for me. Less on rest days, more on lift days, and sometimes the only reason why I lift as hard as I do is because I know I’m going to get ice cream in a few more reps (is that bad?)

I obviously don’t eat with blatant disregard to being healthy, but what it all comes down to is – if I lift heavy, I get to eat! Every day! And not just bird food. In fact, ladies who lift often grapple with the issue of not being able to eat enough calories in a day! Say what?

Not starving is the best thing that ever happened to my weight loss. Getting to do something that I love that allows me to not starve? That’s my motivation!


9 thoughts on “My main motivation for lifting heavy:

  1. I SECOND THAT!!! I’m looking for opportunities to tell people how much I’m eating. (200 over maintenance is 2500+ calories now – 3000 is my goal by January.) I take pictures of my food and post it on Facebook. I’m totally, hopelessly in love with my food. And I haven’t been doing deads for months. They start again tomorrow. (happy dance) I’ve set up the 5 x 5 so that deads will land on Saturdays. Cheat meal Saturdays! Just the day I get to eat pizza for free. But I’m not trying to lose weight either. Opposite, actually. Without too much extra fat coming along, so cardio is still in the program.

    • I do deads on Saturday too because I need to let off steam after my crappiest work day of the week and my desire to eat like crap as a result 🙂 Plus Sunday is usually my only day of the week to be completely lazy so it works out well.

  2. I have always said that I am willing to do the extra workout if it means I can have a cupcake and not feel guilty. As long as you have a healthy relationship with your fuel and are working out to keep your metabolism burning you can eat almost anything in moderation. 🙂 I have tons of healthy snack foods all throughout the day on top of my regular meals and don’t feel a bit guilty if I have a dessert anymore.

  3. I’ve definitely rekindled my love of food now that it isn’t the devil, and I don’t have a list of “good” and “bad” foods… I definitely have been finding myself STARVING after heavy lifting, and even as a freaked out calorie counter, I upped my intake/day by a couple hundred… I still freak out worrying I’m going to gain too much weight that’s not muscle, but I’m definitely trying to listen to my body more. Can’t wait for ice cream!! 😉

  4. I love this post.. and I’m going to quote it in my next post, thanks 😉
    I never had an unhealthy relationship with food until my Whole30 😛 And now I’m trying to not think so much about being strict in what I eat. Love clean eating and love the concept and all, and still will end up eating a ton of the same stuff that we did on Whole30 just cause we like it, but I will no stress out about wanting a cookie. And today, I had a piece of cake. AND pancakes. AND I didn’t even work out today (thought about running.. but then it rained..and it’s B-F-COLD.. but you know what? I feel good. Well, actually have a bit of a bellyache.. but mentally, I feel good lol.
    Thanks for always keeping things real. Love it! 🙂

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