Progress Report – warning – fat pics!

With the month drawing to an end, me and my previous lifting program and diet going our separate ways, and a whole year of my life drawing to a close, I thought I would use this last “weekly progress” post of the month to cover things on a broader spectrum. (Plus, my lazy pale ass wasn’t up for progress pics this week.)

Here’s where I was this time last year:
I had dumped about 50-ish pounds following a low cal diet, doing body pump, and working out about 3 hours a day seven days a week. The heaviest weights I was picking up were probably about 35 pounds in class, and I was using 3 pound and 8 pound dumbbells during my home workouts.
I didn’t look horrible but I knew I needed to make a change to better myself:

20120928-160244.jpgand yeah, that’s who you think it is. I am actually an award winning writer and I got to hang out with a certain reality tv celebrity as a direct result. Minor details.

What I did to change:
I started researching CrossFit. I started investing in weights and other tools to construct a home gym. I quit body pump and started integrating WODs into my daily routine, albeit dramatically scaled. Starting January 1, I did this program: The 603 PTP which got me deadlifting and pressing on a regular basis. I started really enjoying weight lifting, started seeing positive changes in my body, and lost another 15 pounds or so.

Two years ago I looked like this:

You can see I had made an improvement. I look a lot worse in this picture than I do in the above one. But still, I was carrying a lot of weight in my arms and face. (I realize I’m doing this a little out of order, but I was just kind of digging out pictures and posting as I go). At this point in time I was drinking at least every other day, eating without control, and sleeping probably 15 hours a day. The picture of unhealth.

Where I am today:

20120928-163125.jpg I honestly just want to throw this up there and say ‘nuf said, but that would be pretty bold.
Today I’m at a point where I lift heavy regularly, but don’t spend anywhere near 3 hours a day working out.
I by no means eat low calorie, but I do eat selectively and time my food choices around my training.
I have vague goals – I want to lift heavier, I want to build muscle, etc. And I also have specific goals – I want to deadlift 300 pounds, I want to see my abs.
But I by no means have goals in the realm of – I want to weigh x amount by x date.
I love the way I train, and I love the way I eat. It’s by no means a “I have to live this way for some sort of end product” choice, but instead a lifestyle that I’ve embraced and enjoy. I don’t feel weird or abnormal with my choices, and I know they make positive impacts on things that are important to me – my business, my family, and my mental health.

So that’s my big boring progress report for the 27th year of my life. I will break down my most recent training and diet for you in the near future, but sometimes it’s fun to step back and think big.

Have a great weekend everyone! Any suggestions on a good bad ass birthday workout? I want to do something big!


19 thoughts on “Progress Report – warning – fat pics!

  1. Well HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY HOTTIE McHOTTIE! You’ve come a long way and it’s awesome! I know this is not new news to you but I just want to reiterate the fact that you are so inspiring! As for bday workouts… it’s gotta be in 28’s cause you’ll be 28 or 27 cause you’re turning 27… whatever it is… 28 deadlifts, 28 pull ups, 28 pushups, etc… get creative! Or 2 Power Cleans and 8 burpees on the minute for 10 minutes. Get crazy! Keep on keepin on!

    • Thanks so much for the compliments and great workout suggestions!
      My birthday isn’t til Monday but I start trying to tie everything in my life into it starting a few days prior 🙂
      Thanks again!!

  2. Happy Early Birthday! As far as workout goes I say do all of your favorite things or do something that you have always wanted to try, but never had the guts or opportunity to try. You have come so far and you look amazing! Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off!

  3. Happy Freaking Birthday Dude! I have just been googling pounds to kilos conversions as I’m getting ready to leave the safety of body pump and OH GOD. Heavy!! Much bowing down to you x

    • Thanks for the compliments, and you know what I’ve said in the past —
      If body pump works for you and you enjoy it, by all means keep it up! For me, I just wasn’t seeing any benefit and my class kind of sucked. Plus the same music every class for weeks and weeks made me want to stab. I might go back and try it sometime just to see how it feels now.

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