Mirin Monday – sweatpants season.

My mother and law and I had an adorable conversation the other day. She was talking about her plans to stay fit over the winter. This, for her, entails walking on the treadmill daily and “not wearing sweatpants.”
Apparently when you wear sweatpants on a regular basis, you are more likely to get fat because you don’t feel smooshed into right fitting pants, so you eat whatever.
I’m going to go with a big fat screw that noise on that bull shit.
In fact, I’m taking this to a whole different level.
Today I’m ‘mirin on all of you who aren’t afraid to rock the sweatpants this winter.
Yes, they make you look dumpy. Yes, they hide all your assets and make people question whether or not you’re trying to hide the fact that you just consumed a keg of Oktoberfest and 3 pounds of schnitzel.
My outright opinion on this? Who really cares?
I’m ‘mirin all you folks who are taking advantage of cooler weather to go on a bulk. I’m also ‘miring everyone who puts in the time at the gym, eats for health and with purpose on a daily basis, and really doesn’t care if anybody questions that fact because you’re buried in 10 pounds of warm comfy cotton.
Whether you rock em at the gym, the grocery store, social settings (I swear, I was cold and I had no clean jeans), if you’re planning on sticking to your guns this winter and chasing your fitness goals, by all means… Wear the damn sweatpants.
Here’s my obligatory frumpy dumpy sweatpants look:

20120924-130619.jpg(who needs make up? Or shoes for that matter, apparently.)
Do I look like a fashionista? Do I really give crap? Do I know in my heart what’s under them pants?
My fit lovers, don’t be scared that your sweatpants will make you fat this winter. Be scared instead of the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the fact that you’ll probably at one point in time not feel like digging your car out of 3 feet of snow to go to the gym.
In the spring when we shed our layers and upgrade to “sweatshorts” everyone will know the truth. Until then, I’m going to be cozied up in a pair of frumpy ass sweatpants every chance I get.
Feel free to join me in my plight by posting unflattering sweatpants pictures of yourself on my Facebook page if you’re so inclined. I will be sure to ‘mire them all.

Question of the Day: my question today comes from a comment via Jennifer at Wine To Weightlifting – she wants to know what kitchen utensil I can’t live without?
This is a hard one. I know I’ve been mad talking up my julienne peeler lately, but that will only get you so far, unless you like to eat vegetables shaped like noodles everyday.
I’m going to go with my spice rack (the easy way out). My mother in law picked this up as a housewarming present for me, and it has a little bit of everything and helps me keep my countertop neat and tidy:

It’s full of goodies that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to buy separately and let’s face it… Eggs, veggies, and meat get a little boring everyday without a little spice.

How do you feel about my sweatpants revolution? Gonna jump on the bandwagon of looking like a homeless person this winter?
Also – what utensils should me and Jennifer invest in to make our kitchens more functional?


18 thoughts on “Mirin Monday – sweatpants season.

    • Ugh… Pumpkin spice anything derails me. I got pumpkin spice flavored k cups for my kuerig though, and I can tolerate them black. They take the edge off of going for something more decadent and usually by mid October I’m burned out of pumpkin spice anything 🙂

      • Meh, I was going to whole30 next month as well with a group of people. Now that I’ve actually had to cut out the gluten, I’m kind of getting cold feet about more self experimentation. Especially when carb back loading is going so smoothly.
        I’m sure you could whip up a more Paleo friendly pumpkin spice flavored coffee at home though – I think all that’s in the k cups is coffee, cinnamon, and allspice or nutmeg or something?

      • I use organic canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), some honey, a dash of pumpkin pie spices and soy milk blended with ice. If you really want to be decadent you can use a scoop or two of vanilla frozen yogurt or low fat ice cream instead of honey. Save yourself a little cash and make it to your exact specifications. 😀 I love fall.

      • I’m going to have to try this out! I think I’m going to put up a recipe for pumpkin pie mousse this Sunday. One of my employees brought it in for me yesterday cuz it’s GF and it was to die for!!

  1. Umm . . . how did I know that you would be wearing “love pink” sweats? Maybe because those are THE most popular sweats in the US right now I guess. 🙂 I need me a pair. Did you see, VS has SPORTS bras and other sporty attire? I have to try me some on. Think they’d sponsor me for a giveaway? Ha! I doubt it!
    Kitchen utensil: fork and spoon.
    That’s because I eat more than I cook.

    • I am addicted to Pink everything. I dress like a 16 year old every chance I get 🙂
      I’ve been eyeballing the VS sports line but it seems pretty pricey. I will probably stick to the Pink til the price comes down.

      • this is what sales and gift cards and clearance are for. 🙂
        I already pay about 40 bucks for a Nike sports bra, though, I always wait for a sale, so I don’t pay that much. (Nike sports bras are my perfect fit everytime) So, this is how I rationalize it. However, I haven’t gotten one yet because I stocked up on Nike sports bras when I went to the outlet store. So, I probably won’t need to buy more at least until next year. 🙂

      • I was gonna say – I make a trip to the Nike outlet at Grove City a few times a year, if you want me to pick you stuff up I will let you know! I love their sports bras and usually find them there for less than 20. I hate outlet shopping because it can be hit or miss but I always find something good at Nike and The Gap and the Steeler’s Store… Oh who am I trying to kid, I am a very irresponsible shopper.

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